The Fashion Deal Marketplace

A B2B fashion industry marketplace and virtual showroom where suppliers and buyers can connect and make deals.


BUYINGSHOWº is a fashion deal network where can discover newwholesale customers for your B2B fashion business. Create a virtual showroom and upload your collections andoffers and receive access to thousands of buyers. Buyers and retailers can search through all the best collections from brands and suppliers in the marketplace.


We connect your company with thousands of buyers and promote your business.


We bring you new brands, latest trends, new collections and the best deals.

If you are a supplier

Discover new wholesale customers, share your collections, provide them the best offers and make business. Your company will be visible to over 100.000 retailers and it is up to you how much you want to engage with them.

If you are a buyer

Whether you are a buyer for a retail store or creating your own brand, you can find hundreds of brands and suppliers to source from all year long.


Different sides have different needs – choose your plan

Mission of the fashion deal network

We are building the largest fashion deal marketplace, where suppliers and buyers become global, highly efficient and profitable. Our goal is to help our clients in their digital transformation by offering them out of the box scalable solutions, to increase the volume of business while decreasing complexity. Our solutions digitize buying and selling process, data and inventory management as well improve communication between brands and retailers.
BUYINGSHOW° _The Fashion Deal Network_our mission

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